Dear Tyler

4 Oct

Dear Tyler,
So, I’ve been a pretty stupid person these past few years. Do you remember in 8th grade when you used to tease me constantly and play with my hair in reading and writing class? I told you I wanted nothing to do with you. But you didn’t believe me. You just kept going on with it. Freshman year, in English, you sat behind me. You’d wrap your arms around me as we watched Romeo and Juliet. I would shrug you off. Little did you know all I wanted to do was be closer to you. I was scared. I knew about your reputation, you being a popular guy and me being just a normal girl. I wondered why in the hell you would like a girl like me, when you could have whoever you wanted. Now we’re juniors. We have Spanish, but you’re dating her now. You still sit behind me. We still talk, and you still flirt. I know she never even gives you a free moment to breathe. And I can see you look over at me as she has you on a leash like a dog. I miss you, Ty. I miss everything about you…about us. Remember
all those crazy things we used to say, back in sophomore year? We would talk about everything and anything under the sun. Do you remember when we used to make people’s names into different sayings and acronyms? We were so crazy, but I loved every second of it. Those were good times. I’m sorry I didn’t give you a chance. Now I don’t know if I’ll ever have you, because she’s in the way. But you always tell me how she gets on your last nerves and how you can’t have a moment to yourself anymore. Know that if you don’t want her anymore, I do. I never stopped…not since middle school. I love you, Ty. Forgive me, come back to me. Please.


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