To ALL the loyal fans and readers :)

28 Oct

Dear ALL of you,  I sincerely apologize for this brief absence. Life has been nothing short of hard lately, and I’m beginning to put the pieces back together. I received this letter from a fan today, and I just HAD to post it for you. I do still believe in this project and I believe in each of you and your voices. Please keep sharing. – Alex

Dear Alex,
For three — maybe four — days, I typed “” into my address bar and every time I would get a page saying that the website was pending renewal or deletion. And I every time I would get a sicker feeling in my gut, thinking that maybe this project no longer had meaning to you and maybe you would delete the site.  And then I remembered your story and I told myself that you couldn’t delete this site.  Not yet.  Not when there are so many letters still to be written, so many stories to be told.  When I came back yesterday and saw all the familiar fonts, the familiar letters, I almost cried in my relief that you had saved this site.  I cannot thank you enough.
Take care,
a fan


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