Dear __________,

11 Nov

Dear ___________,

You are beautiful, smart, funny and kind, and you deserve so much better for yourself.

I am afraid for you. Afraid that you will let yourself be hurt so badly that you cannot come back from it. I am afraid that you will destroy any chance you have of coming back to reality, of mending the destruction you have allowed him to create. I am afraid that you will go beyond the point of return and that you will never understand how much potential I see in you, how much potential we all see in you. I am afraid that you will let him destroy you.

And I am so, so damn angry with him for being a piece of scum who does not nor ever will comprehend the damage he causes or the fact that he is at fault, not everyone else as he likes to believe.

I hope that you get help for yourself. I hope that you grow strong. I hope that you are able to help people the way you want to, to make a difference… and not only in anyone else’s life, but most of all in your own.

I love you.


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