Dear Girls in My Class

28 Nov

Dear girls in my class,

Our teacher is an amazingly kind, insightful and genuine person who is trying to offer up his life experience in the hope that he can make a connection and help us learn something about ourselves and our role in life.

I wish that you could understand how your choices in life, and every little thought, word or action you express, direct you on a path. I wish that you understood or cared that your behaviour is disrespectful and rude, and that it does matter, and it does make a difference. I wish that instead of laughing and making a joke out of people who express themselves, you would consider how your reaction will impact them, and how your reaction impacts you.

I don’t think you truly believe half the things you say, or hold half the beliefs you express in your rude and inconsiderate comments and behaviour. I think, more probably, that you are too insecure to be true to yourself and stand up for something, anything. I think it’s kind of sad.

I try not to be angry about it, even though it does frustrate and hurt me. I try to, instead, empathize and hope that someday you learn to change and grow in a way that will not only make everyone else’s lives easier and less disrupted or upset, but also, very much, your own


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