Dear Santa, I need a favor…

14 Dec

Dear Santa,

I need a favor this year. I am absolutely way too old to be writing a letter to Santa to begin with, but I’m guessing that putting my request out into a virtual realm won’t hurt. I’ve had to make some decisions lately that make me feel less than the person I think I’m meant to become. The decisions are to essentially better my life and put me in a better place, but I can’t help but still feel like a failure to my family. I know they have higher expectations for me than my other siblings, and for this, I try really hard to never ask for help and find my own way. However, I seemed to have found a large ditch to fall in to, and I’m having trouble finding my way back to motivation, to inspiration, to anything that makes me look forward and realize what I need to do to get out of where I am. So, this year for Christmas, I do not want anything tangible. I don’t need anything shiny and new. I just need my zest for life back. I need you to remind me of the reasons I have to make me move forward and strive for excellence. That’s it. It’s not expensive, but I’m not sure how you’ll fit it under the tree or in my stocking. I’ll be looking for it, though, on Christmas morning.


P.S. I’ll even leave you a cookie on the fireplace, like old times.


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