Dear You, This is my confession…

15 Dec

There have been so many days when I wanted to tell you how much I loved you. There have been days when my heart was heavy with morose thoughts because I thought maybe, for one minute that you might not love me, or care for me. I still don’t know if you do or do not. I wish that we could be like Abelard and Heloise, and this letter was written by candlelight, and that it was tear stained in all the right places, or that I struggled knowing I would never see you again. This is not the case. I want to call you my best friend, but am scared of frightening you away because I know how fragile your heart is, and how it has been marred by all those people before me. I know this letter is just a stream of consciousness, string of words, but it is my confession to you. You are gorgeous, you are handsome, you are funny and sweet and smart, and I’ve thought about marrying you, or wishing you would even think to ask. You are perfect. I wish I could be perfect for you.


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