Dear Jess in 2008, thank you for healing…

16 Dec

Dear Jess in 2008,

Thank you for taking the time to heal from all of the trauma American Boy put you through. You realized how strong a 5’1″ woman can be when needed. You finally, after years of hurt and “daddy issues,” found out that you are a smart, beautiful, capable, funny woman. Trust me when I tell you that 2011 will be your year. You will go to school (FINALLY), be comfortable and confident in your own skin, and won’t need to pretend to be anything you are not. Your friends, the new ones, and the ones that were there for you three years ago- they’re little pieces of magic, and mostly they let you shine. Although, honestly, there’s still a few that you let take too much. Stop doing that now! You don’t need it. Finally, there’s a man. A man, not a boy. He knows how to treat you, and you’re so stubborn you’re still trying to destroy it. Let it go. Ryan is not American Boy or any of the others. Ryan is Ryan. Do NOT ever feel like you are not enough for him. You are. If he didn’t want to be here, he wouldn’t. You even said last night, that you’d marry him, not to him of course. Stop thinking about 2008, as it’s in the past. Live for now, and for the future. Just breathe once in awhile, take stock in your life, and LOVE. Love with your whole glued back together heart. Girl you did it!

I love you

Jess in 2011. (A slightly older, wiser version)


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