Dear Mr. K

28 Dec

Dear Mr. K,

I know you’re bipolar.  I know you’re manic to the point of psychosis.  I know that you’re not yourself, that you’ve lost touch with reality, that it’s not you inside that shell.  But that doesn’t excuse what you’re doing.

You shouldn’t be driving, because you’re a danger to yourself and others on the roads.  You shouldn’t be allowed to keep firearms at home, because there’s a very real possibility that you might snap and use them.  You shouldn’t be around your wife or kids, because you are threatening to hurt them.  Did you know that your wife is afraid to seek help because she thinks that if you find out, you’ll kill her and the girls?  Do you know that if you lay a hand on either of your daughters, my mom–who knows all about the “situation” in your house–is required by law to report you to CPS?  Do you know that you are ruining their lives, and even if they are ever able to get away from you, they’ll be running for the rest of their lives?

This isn’t you.  It can’t be you.  You’re a good husband and a good father and you love your wife and kids.  You’re in there somewhere.  You have to fight your way out before you hurt them.  Some part of you must recognize that you need help.  Please.

A concerned friend of the family


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