Dear Coaches, Is a win worth it?

30 Dec

Dear Coaches, It’s just a game, and they are only children.  You are suppose to be adults.  You do not have the right to call children names, curse at them or physically intimidate them. I am sorry you didn’t go pro, and you aren’t much of an athelete, but that is not the fault of the children.  I am sorry you keep losing games, but you are the coaches, and if you choose to threaten rather than teach, then the kids are never going to win.  You know what they say, “Attitude Reflects Leadership.”  You are not God.  You are a youth coach, no more, no less.  If the responsibility is too much for maturity level, then quit; the kids will be fine, but if you stay, I am truly afraid you are going to hurt one of the kids.  Let me ask you, is a win really worth hurting a child?


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