Dear Laura

11 Jan


Do better? For God sake woman, you love God, you’re gorgeous, intellectually stimulating, genuinely nice, ambitious and hardworking, fun to be with, damn hot body, and have my perfect ass, and like what I’m about. Yeah I couldn’t do better at all. Laura, I saw those in you the first time I met you. I’ve always thought of you as sweet and loving and blessed with beauty. The perfect catch… I mean it… I don’t say it enough, but you’ve always been beautiful to me first and then sexy. I know you’re the perfect girl to live a happy life with… Well it can’t hurt to start now. I’m always waiting to hear of some stud sweeping you off your feet. My dream in life is to be with a girl that I can come home to and enjoy being with every night. Watching movies, traveling and satisfying eachother. And possibly in Quincy or somewhere far off. You’re that girl.



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