Dear Jason, I wish you loved me…

16 Jan

Dear Jason, I would like some closure.  In the back of my mind somewhere, you still exist and you won’t go away.  Sometimes out of no where, you enter my dreams and you smile at me and for a moment it seems real, but then I wake up.  I always wake up.  Why did you leave without saying good bye?  Was it because you really didn’t care about me?  Was it because you could tell I had fallen in love with you and you wanted no part of that?  I just want to know.  Though I wish you loved me, as much as it would hurt, I would rather know I was nothing to you, because then I could finally let go.  But then again, maybe my heart never will.  Either way, I wish I knew, that way you would just be a dream, rather than a possibility.  As always, Your “Silly” Girl


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