Dear Soldier, I should have said yes..

16 Jan

Dear Soldier,

Every time “Bless the Broken Road” comes on the radio, I can only think of you. We were so young. Eigth grade is too young to know if you should spend your life with someone. I was so stupid. I had no idea what I had when I had it. Then, you’d come home on holidays. We’d see each other, and I was still so scared to let you in. You proposed in my car, said we should get married. I was 18 and still thought I was too young. Again, I was an idiot. You joined the army. You’re stationed so far away. You’re married now. I think you have a kid. The only thing I have of you is a box with paraphenalia from the 8th grade dance. I can’t find you anymore except for in that box and every time that Rascal Flatts song comes on the radio. I cling to those three minutes and wish for a miracle. I hope I get the chance to finally say yes to you one day. You were everything then that I want now. I regret my ignorance, and I’m sorry I said no. I just wish there was a way to find you again.


Your idiot


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