Dear Bullied Kid, you can get through this..

19 Jan

Dear bullied kid,

Being bullied for 4 years (all three years of middle school and my freshmen year in high school) I remember being called ugly, fat etc. It reallly hurt.  It got to a point where I was admitted into a hospital. Those words really hurt me, and now everyone is trying to justify bullying in my area by saying, “Oh, he’s just insecure or oh, she’s just weird,” but really words hurt, and they kill. Depression sucked for me; I’m glad I’m almost out of that hard time in my life, but I still get flashbacks. You can get through this. When I was called ugly I believed them. The funny thing is that I’m a model now and am confident in myself. With a psychologist and loving friends I got through this hard time.

Sincerely Allie


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