Dear Ex-Boyfriend’s Little Sister

21 Jan

Dear the ex boyfriend’s little sister,

Do you enjoy verbally abusing me?

Do you enjoy being three years younger than me and yet shouting silly comments at me that shouldn’t get to me but do?

Do you enjoy being thirteen and losing your virginity?

Do you enjoy calling me a ‘slag’?

Do you enjoy being caught by the police?

Do you enjoy smoking?

Do you enjoy hanging with the ones who will have children before they’re my age?

Do you enjoy waiting outside my house for me to come home?

Do you enjoy hanging with all the ‘rough’ kids that are well known by the police and teachers within your school?

Do you enjoy bullying a sixth form student?

Do you enjoy the pain you cause me?

Do you enjoy bonding with your brother by bitching about me?

Do you enjoy making me cry?

Do you enjoy seeing my cuts and scars?

Do you enjoy watching me come out of counsiling?

Do you enjoy knowing your brother is cheating on more girls now I am gone?

Do you enjoy watching me get into my soon-to-be boyfriends car?

Do you enjoy watching me become a stronger person?

Do you enjoy getting taken away by the cops?

Do you enjoy building a stronger relationship with my parents as your own falls apart?

Do you enjoy every teacher in school knowing what you’re doing?

Do you enjoy being kicked out your own house because they can’t cope with you?

Do you enjoy being you? Yeah? Lets see how much you regret it when you end up like your brother. Cheating in every relationship you get into. If you think that’s a way to live, Darling then you have no idea.


I asked for help.

I’m getting help.

And I’m outta here.

The ex girlfriend.


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