Dear the person I cannot put into words

1 Feb

Dear the person I cannot put into words.

When I think about the role you play in my life, it almost brings me to tears, for it pains me that I cannot love you any more that I already do. When people talk about their heros they usually choose someone famous, a celebrity, a star, a political figure, that has done something inspiring to the world. But you are my hero, you have inspired my own little world and you inspire me. I know that if there was one man that would rather die than let me down, it would be you, and I would do the same. You are a man that deserves the world, and the world deserves more men like you. You are the richest man I know in love and respect throughout family and friends, and all those you meet even if only the once. I wish I could tell you how much you mean to me. It is something I know you know, it’s the little things I let you do, like give me a hug or a kiss as I leave that nobody else is allowed as often as you. I am eternally grateful for the things you have done for me, that was not your problem or responsibility, yet you took on as if I was your own. I feel there will be no greater tragedy than that my children will be born with no maternal grandfather, when I was blessed with a childhood spent with someone like you.

All my love, to the stars and the moon and the sun; though none shine as brightly as you, and even further beyond than that.

Amie x


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