Dear Meditator

20 Feb

Dear Meditator,

I feel like such a fool. It’s been almost a year since we spent that wonderful, perfect night together, and I’m still hung up on you. It’s been a year of feeling depressed, angry, anxious, desperate and utterly heart-broken.  And I keep making excuses for you. In the end, you used me, and I realize that now.  Why do I let this get to me? Why do you have so much power over me? This is so difficult, and it’s hurting me more than you can ever know. It’s  taking all my energy to play nice—to play by your rules, and respect your boundaries. Every time I see you, I want to tell you I’m in pain. But you don’t want to know, I can tell.  The truth is I don’t even know you. And you certainly don’t know me. If you did, you would know that I’m dying inside.

Signed, The Sleeping Beauty


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