Dear Brother, how can you not care?

18 Mar

Dear brother,

Yesterday I told you something very important to me. I was at my limits – I couldn’t stay silent any longer. However, instead of listening to me, you threatened me and told me to shut up because “you don’t care”. How can you not care that you have hurt me so deeply? All my life you only put me down and made me feel inferior. Not even a hug, not even a compliment. You made me feel like a piece of meat that is on this word just to make your life more convenient. For years I was broken, in a pit of self-destructive behavior, disordered eating and suicidal thoughts. It was all about YOU, YOU, YOU – still is. I won’t get those years back, you know. Those deep scars have made me a different person. And you didn’t even apologize. It’s funny, because I always thought that, when the moment would come, we would be there for each other no matter what, and our differences wouldn’t matter. I wonder if you know that yesterday you lost even that last drop of respect that I had for you.

D., Your younger sibling that might have not been here today


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