Dear Tyler, I want to forget you

22 Mar


You can’t keep doing this. I want to forget you. I’ve given you too many chances. I’ve learned to trust you too many times over and over. We have never “worked out”. I’m not sure why I still think we would. You have offered me too many words of flattery; just enough to make me keep hanging on. I’m done. You’re not good for me.  I’m not good for you. I have to stop hearing the “when we get married”, “in ten years…”, “our children will be”: those words of a future; they never will be reality. So stop trying to make things right. We all know you lied. I know you never cared like you said you did. I’m finally realizing that everything you told me was a lie. I’ve looked so stupid for forgiving you so many times. It’s time I move on. Goodbye,



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