Dear Sarah,

24 Apr

Dear Sarah,

I do not want or need your advice on how I should go about becoming a better photographer.  Yes, we’re both photojournalism students; yes, you’re a semester ahead of me in the program.  But that does not make me inferior, it does not make me any less knowledgeable than you, and it does not mean you can constantly tell me what I should and should not shoot. There are things, yes, that would look cool photographically.  But those things interest YOU.  Not me.  You are the one who supports and would know how to best photograph anti-abortion bigots.  I am interested in helping the common man with my work.  I am interested in taking a stand for what is right, photographing the ills of society so I can help make them better.  I know you don’t understand that there are important issues in the world beyond taking away rights that aren’t yours to take away, but I do understand that.  And I will do something about it with my work. So I would very much appreciate it if you would not again tell me that what I want to shoot is wrong, or stupid, or unimportant.  And I would appreciate it if you would cease and desist any commentary on what I should be doing.  I will shoot what I want, and you will shoot what you want.  I think if you can understand this, we will be much better friends.

Thank you, Rachel


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