Dear US,

5 May

Dear us,

Dear us, always remember, and never look back with any remorse or regret. That should never come unless we fight or leave; That would be the remorse, but never us. They said, “we were too young”. They said, “time would tell”, but I didn’t need time because I knew. I knew you, and I knew me, and I knew us. They didn’t have knowledge on their side when they tried to tear down our doors and barriers. It was a wall so great it can never be overtaken or overwhelmed. It was like a stronghold, that love, and it still is just as we’ve wished it can carry on forevermore because we knew when they said we were sooo young, we knew and there was this gut feeling. I felt it from the inside out of all that was in me and that was me and that made me that even though, “we were sooo young”..we were sooo sure. And that sureness and its entirety, that barrier, that love, that makes you shake and quiver with a tingled sensation through my bones at your kiss on my forehead, or your arms and bear hugs, or your lips when they meet mine, or that glance when you look at me..that..that very thing was what I call US.


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