Dear Boy in Middle School

7 Jun

I’m a senior in college and I still am hurt from a boy in middle school. This one is for you. You probably never realized what a huge impact your bullying caused for my life. I have severe trust issues, hard time keeping friends and am over emotional about every comment someone makes about me. You called me ugly, made me feel dumb for being smart, and make the whole school hate me just to make yourself feel good. You called me Medusa and told everyone that if they looked at me they would turn to stone. So, no one ever took the chance of being my friend. I was alone in a time of need and that is all your fault. My first suicide attempt was that week. I’ve had 4 more since then. Hopefully, you’ve grown to be a better person and learned what a cruel, selfish, rude individual you were for making my life so awful from such a young age.


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