Dear Mr. Fox

20 Jun

Dear Mr. Fox,

I would just call you but I know where we stand right now, or don’t. And we basically said our goodbyes in a very confusing and mangled way. But I helped you as much as I could have at the time, I hope you understand that. I want to thank you for last summer, you helped me more than I think you knew. It didn’t last whatsoever, I moved 3000 miles away and you got engaged. I’m sorry I couldn’t be that girl for you to drop everything and go elope, I’m sorry that our feelings were different, but I promise I did care about you more than most. I am sorry I went back to him. I do ponder what it would be like if I had stayed with you in the long run. I really do. I miss you kid, more than I thought I would to be quite honest. I hope you are happy in your life, or as best as you can do. And I hope you find yourself a little lady who loves you like you loved me. You’ll make a great husband and father one day. And despite what you and many other people think of you, you are amazing, brilliant and a gentleman. I never once cared about the medication or the record, that never bothered me once. I wish you luck mister, maybe I’ll see you this summer when I move back, maybe I won’t. Either way, I still thank you for every damn moment we shared, even the sleepless nights due to you snoring.

-The girl who bailed.

P.S. You were the best drunk babysitter, just letting me do my thing. I really wish I could have thanked you for all that as well.


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