Dear Family, why do you reject me for what I am?

24 Jul

Dear Family,

Why? Why do you reject me for what I am? I’ve always tried. I’ve tried to fit in. Why isn’t that enough for you, that I suppress what I really feel on a daily basis just so you won’t look at me wrong in public? Why is it not enough that I stay by your sides through heaven and hell while you wouldn’t do the same for me? It’s not because I’m a “better person”. It’s because of the way your raised me, you hypocrites. Why do you accept my twin, even? Is it because he’s better? Was he the one that was supposed to be? Was I the extra? So I’ve come to a choice. I will try harder. I will keep on trying. I will make it inconspicuous, even. I will play along and be happy. But when I am fully able to, I will leave you, you who never supported my identity. I will leave the memory of you people. I will keep my name (I’m much too proud to be ashamed of that, at the very least) but that’s it. And to think…just because I don’t believe in God like you guys do.

Your son and brother


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