Dear Husband, would it have been so hard?

13 Aug

Dear Husband,

I am done.  You have taken everything from me; my youth, my dreams, my hope.  You have taken it all.  I have nothing left except for my life and at some point, when I finally leave I am sure you will take that too.

Would it have been so hard just to be a good man?  Was it so difficult to just be kind and selfless and loving.  Did I not deserve that much if nothing else?

l can do nothing else except pray.  Pray that some day I will be strong enough to leave.  Pray that God keeps me safe from your harm.  Pray that at some point God places someone in my life that will show me what a real man is suppose to be; strength balanced with compassion and mercy.  Someone who would lay down his life for others. A man who loves unconditionally.

I feel sorry for you.  You chase your joys through your orders, your demands, your wants.  You wil never know that a true man finds his greatest joy in bringing joy to those he loves.

From, your broken-hearted wife


One Response to “Dear Husband, would it have been so hard?”

  1. jillvanderwood October 22, 2012 at 4:32 pm #

    This is a comment for the Dear Husband letter. You have a great way of expressing yourself. Please don’t give this man another thing. Don’t give him your heart, your life or your soul. Marriage was never meant to be a trap. Use the internet to find a woman’s shelter in your area, or contact the YWCA.

    You are not alone! There are other women suffering in silence. I too was in an abusive relationship, with a man who also abused drugs and alcohol. I had three small children and I finally got the courage to speak up to someone in my church. Church members came to rescue us one cold December night. We left with only a change of clothes. While others were preparing for a joyous Christmas, I was preparing for a new life, free from abuse.

    My ex-husband came back into my the lives of my grown kids, thirty years later. He’s still drinking and one day he told me how sorry he was. I told him I had forgiven him years ago, but it was sure nice to hear it from him. Another time I told him, “Thank you for all you have given me. You have given me my children and my church.” We both cried.

    You can read my story in my book, Drugs Make You Un-Smarter. Also feel free to contact me. Believe me, there is life after abuse. Jill Vanderwood

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