Dearest Kiley, You saved my life…

29 Sep

Dearest Kiley,
You remember our senior year of high school? On yearbook staff? We were sitting in the corner of that back room, nearest the door. And like typical yearbook staffers, we were not working on the yearbook. We were just chatting, like we always did, and somehow suicide came up. And I don’t know what made you say it, but you said, “If you ever kill yourself, I’m going to punch your corpse at the funeral.”
It was at that moment, when I was 17 years old, that I realized — for the first time since I was ten and made the plans — that I could not kill myself when I turned 18. That it would be a travesty to those who know and love me. I had never known it before then. Before that day, mere months before my eighteenth birthday, the plan had been to off myself on the 22nd of December. And it would have been so easy.
But you, Kiley, you made such a huge impact on my life and how I viewed it that day. I don’t know if I ever told you, but I know I should have. We are no longer close and I don’t believe you feel so strongly about my death as you once did, but I owe you the greatest thank you. Thank you.


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