Dear G-D, hear my cries!

6 Nov

Dear G-d,
I have desired a house for 11 years and now I really need one. I’d really like to pee in the bathroom without having to wash my hands in the kitchen because our bathroom only has a toilet and shower. The house we have now is infested with black mold and the floors are so rotten that we have to wear shoes all the time in case we sink in. I also need a second job cause I only work 3 hours a week with a $30K student loan and we’ll probably lose what little we have. Lord, we don’t even have heat in our house right now. I’m at the end of my rope. Even people living in the projects feel sorry for me. I’m desparate for you to bless with me with a second job and house.  So desparate I was even willing to try this. Please hear my cries!


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