Dear You (Yes, YOU)

18 Nov

Dear You, (yes, you)

Let me start off this by telling you that if you’re currently considering taking your own life, I’m writing this letter in the hopes that you will listen so that you won’t go through with it.

I’m writing this for the lost, the misguided, the hurt, the confused and the lonely. This is for the depressed whose feelings worsen with each passing day … The outcast who goes off to sit alone and each their lunch away from the cafeteria. This letter is for those who cry in private for fear of letting someone publicly see their tears. This letter is for the bullied and the broken, for the self-harmers who battle daily to overcome.

This letter is for all those who have been left out, alienated, ostracized, belittled, shamed and shunned. For all of you – young, adult, old and in between – who feel like no one hears your silent pain. For all of you who feel like the daily pressures of life and all the stresses that come with it are just too much.

This letter is for all of you.

I hear you. And I understand.

I know that it might be hard for you to be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. And I know that what you’re feeling right now is unbearable. I’ve been there. So allow me to speak from experience.

Whatever you’re going through emotionally? It will pass. I’m sure that fact is difficult to believe because you’re in the middle of your tough situation. But it will fade, because pain is only temporary. And suicide is NOT a way out.

Please consider for a moment those who love and care about you. How would they feel, losing someone so close to them so abruptly? How would they feel knowing your life was snatched away without warning? How would they deal with the aftermath?

A dear friend of mine took his life and I will always, always miss him. I still deal with feelings of confusion, anger and deep sadness. I still wonder why … And what more I could have done for him.

In the past, I was the victim of vicious bullying for a grueling couple of years. I felt like I was trapped. I wanted it all to end. I was desperately searching for an escape. And yes, suicide was an option that I heavily considered. I was drowning in my sorrow and I tried to take my own life.

But just think if I had gone through with it.

I would never have become such a passionate person who speaks out so strongly against bullying and cyber-bullying. Just think if I had gone through with killing myself. I wouldn’t be here, penning this letter in an attempt to reach you right now.

You have a purpose in life. That very sentence might be hard for you to put your faith in because of what you’re going through right now. But you do have a reason for being on this Earth. You might not have discovered that specific reason yet … but if you go through with suicide? You’ll be cheating yourself – and the World – from finding out what that true purpose is.

Your life has meaning. Your soul is priceless! Priceless.

And I realize it’s hard … but life carries both the sweet and the sour. Be easy on yourself, we all struggle. Take things one day at a time. Every second that we are alive is another chance to turn it all around. Please don’t give in and cut your days short before you’ve truly, truly had a chance to live!

I made it through some of the darkest times in my life and I’m still here. Stand with me and show that you’re a Survivor, too. Just know I’m wishing you the best … whenever and wherever you are.

And if you ever need a listening ear? I’m here.

Hope exists.

Love & light! xo – Simply Undrea


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