Dear Old Bully…Slowly I get better

11 Dec

Dear old bully,
I’m glad you’ve stopped bullying me. However, the memories will never go away, the tears have already rolled down my cheeks and the words of insecurity will forever be imprinted in my mind like a tattoo. I’m glad we became friends but i will always keep a little distance from you. You ruined my life. You caused me to be insecure. To feel ugly. I lost any confidence I had. 3 years later, I’m still one secure. I still feel ugly and I still lack confidence. I thought my life was over when you moved next door. But things changed. We became friends. No. We became acquaintances. We can never be friends. You hurt me too much. ‘Ugly’ ‘stupid’ ‘ no one likes you’ the words still run through my head when I see you. But I forgive. Never will I completely heal, but slowly I get better.
The ugly, stupid loser no one likes.


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