Dear World…simply waiting to be Okay again..

12 Dec

There is something about getting to know people that kills me. It never had an effect before, but now the result is huge. You Open up and you give someone A piece of you. There not strangers anymore. They can be closer than a brother. All of sudden they are people and they take on a whole new form and shape. They become real to you. Letting someone get to know you gives them power. They walk around with you and you start to care. You develop feelings because suddenly there not like the rest. Theyre not lost souls just walking around in a big world, or maybe it’s a small world. You let them get so close and you learn their story. They even learn that you have a story too. And all of a sudden their set apart from every other stranger on the street and in the store or behind you in a theatre. You can look them in the eye and see something. You can hear every slight uttering they make and actually hear something. You can graze them or hug them or even kiss them and suddenly it’s real because it wouldn’t have been before. And then they walk away and you finally realize who they are or sometimes even were. You see how influential they were and what they meant to you. But your gone. They took you with them and you know it. You feel yourself gone and you’ve faded. Maybe you think your suppose to be someone else now because how could you ever be you again. And it’s hard everyday finding yourself all over again. Picking up the pieces. Designing the puzzle your destined to be. Just waiting. Waiting..waiting for them to come back..waiting for yourself to move on. Simply, waiting to just be Okay again.


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