Dear Oldest Son, we will begin again…

7 Jan

Dear Oldest Son,
You and I both have a temper. I wish I could take away the words we’ve screamed, the doors we’ve slammed, and the tears we’ve shed. I hurt for both of us.
We were doing so well for a while. You even helped me clean up the mess that wasn’t mine or yours; you kept me calm and you were so sweet and encouraging. Then just two days later, we almost caved in the bathroom door with our anger over a silly game.
I am sorry, so sorry, that you inherited this bad seed from me. I got it from my daddy, who scared me to death with his anger when I was little. I don’t want to scare you, son. I hope that my apologies are the difference. My daddy has never apologized once in his life. Even now, as he inches toward old age, he is bitter and bewildered by the saner people around him. Please, let’s don’t be like that, you and me. We can do better than this.
I know that I have to let your heart soften toward me again. I know that you are young, and your hurts are deep, but your capacity to heal and trust and start over is vast. I will be here for you always. We will begin again.


One Response to “Dear Oldest Son, we will begin again…”

  1. Deanna March 2, 2013 at 8:32 pm #

    This reminds me of all the times my mother and I argue over the dumbest little things. To the writer, thank you.

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