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Dear Popular Kids

6 Feb

Dear popular kids,
I am sorry I shop at Hot Topic and thrift stores instead of wearing overly priced crap that you just wear to fit in. I’m sorry I’m depressed and I don’t dress the way you want me to dress. I’m sorry I wear band tees instead of slutty outfits. I’m sorry I prefer horror movies other than watching guys take their shirts off and flex. I’m sorry I listen to music that describes me rather than crap you can’t even understand. I’m sorry I would rather go to a concert than go to a party. I’m sorry I go play with my band on Friday nights instead of going and having sex with my boyfriend. I’m just so sorry, I’m not seemingly perfect and fake like you.

I’m sorry my parents aren’t proud of me.




Dear Boy in Middle School

7 Jun

I’m a senior in college and I still am hurt from a boy in middle school. This one is for you. You probably never realized what a huge impact your bullying caused for my life. I have severe trust issues, hard time keeping friends and am over emotional about every comment someone makes about me. You called me ugly, made me feel dumb for being smart, and make the whole school hate me just to make yourself feel good. You called me Medusa and told everyone that if they looked at me they would turn to stone. So, no one ever took the chance of being my friend. I was alone in a time of need and that is all your fault. My first suicide attempt was that week. I’ve had 4 more since then. Hopefully, you’ve grown to be a better person and learned what a cruel, selfish, rude individual you were for making my life so awful from such a young age.

Dear “Bestfriends”

11 May

Dear “Bestfriends”,

Thanks for ignoring me, thanks for not being there when I need you, thanks for not caring when I had cut myself, you guys are the worst friends ever, I trusted you then you just pushed me aside so you two can have your fun, when I was crying the other morning at school you two just walked past, and then you have the nerve to say it’s my fault, my fault for everything, what’s wrong with you guys, what happened to the promise that this year wouldn’t change us?…


someone who trusted you

Dear Bullied Kid, you can get through this..

19 Jan

Dear bullied kid,

Being bullied for 4 years (all three years of middle school and my freshmen year in high school) I remember being called ugly, fat etc. It reallly hurt.  It got to a point where I was admitted into a hospital. Those words really hurt me, and now everyone is trying to justify bullying in my area by saying, “Oh, he’s just insecure or oh, she’s just weird,” but really words hurt, and they kill. Depression sucked for me; I’m glad I’m almost out of that hard time in my life, but I still get flashbacks. You can get through this. When I was called ugly I believed them. The funny thing is that I’m a model now and am confident in myself. With a psychologist and loving friends I got through this hard time.

Sincerely Allie

Dear High School

8 Dec

dear b.p high school

Hi, I want to let you know how I’m getting on now, I hope you dont mind!!
Very luckily in my 2nd high school, I found the misfits there were much more normal and not really misfits, and they became my friends, I found the band that saved my life, but I also found the habit I’d undertaken whilst attending you grew so much stronger. I cut  at least 4 times a day, and that kept growing and growing until at one point in my life I was having to cut every hour or two. I still have the scars now nearly 7 years on, they make the pain real, and I still relive it sometimes.
After high school I went to college for a year where they found my ‘illness’ and encouraged me to go and get help, but I never did. Every day the pain would shoot through me at the sight of one of you, on the most part I escaped with a cocktail of vodka, weed and tobacco smoke. But still all that achieved was getting me told never to come back afterward.
But after college and high school with a drug and alcohol addiction and cuts covering my entire body, I found a scheme called apprenticeships and I got given one in a wonderful nursery. This helped to quit drinking and weed, which I still work at now and have completed my level two and nearly my level three!!!
But I’m still not over you. I find it so hard to go into the city centre to shop, a friend is having a 20th birthday party but I don’t know if I can go because some of you will be there, and if you hurt me I know I’ll break down, you see I always thought I’d need you dead before I could live my life, but I don’t. I’m living it now; I’m starting to get over you guys, and I never died, although you wanted it that way.

I’m sorry

Dear Popular Girls

1 Dec

Dear popular girls,

You don’t have to tell me that I’m fat.  Trust me, I’m well aware of it already.

Yours truly, the fat girl

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