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To the one that I hurt

24 Apr

I’m sorry I hurt you. After I did what I did, I stood at the top of my 60-story hotel building and just looked over the side. I kept hoping that, by some miracle,  a gust of wind would take me over the edge and onto the pavement where both of our hurts would end right then and there in the middle of the New York streets. I wish so badly that I could take my mistake back and that we could be like we were. I hate myself more and more every minute now. My tears haven’t stopped falling, and your knuckles keep bleeding. What do you want me to do?! All that I’m good for is hurting the ones thatIi love the most; you. I just want you to be happy…


Dear Parents, Family, Supposed loved ones..

31 Jan

Dear Parents, Family, Supposed loved ones

You are all people whom I am supposed to love, who I am supposed to be loved by. My problem is, I can’t tell you that one thing that makes me, me.

Maybe some day you’ll read this, although I doubt it.

I am a pansexual emotional genderqueer human being.

I just wish that if I could ever actually tell you that, that you would understand and accept me.

I have a girlfriend, and she’s the most lovely person in the world.

Even if I didn’t tell you that I identify myself as a genderqueer, you would still be mad that you think I’m a girl who has a girlfriend.

I just wish for once I could tell you.


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