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To the one that I hurt

24 Apr

I’m sorry I hurt you. After I did what I did, I stood at the top of my 60-story hotel building and just looked over the side. I kept hoping that, by some miracle,  a gust of wind would take me over the edge and onto the pavement where both of our hurts would end right then and there in the middle of the New York streets. I wish so badly that I could take my mistake back and that we could be like we were. I hate myself more and more every minute now. My tears haven’t stopped falling, and your knuckles keep bleeding. What do you want me to do?! All that I’m good for is hurting the ones thatIi love the most; you. I just want you to be happy…


To Christina Taylor Green on 9/11/11

14 Sep

Happy Birthday, Christina.

This day should have been birthday number ten.
But not for you, the nine year old who loved to help people.

My how you’ve done just that.

Your budding love of politics led to your early death. At your
funeral in January, your tiny casket passed a huge U.S. flag.
It was the largest to survive New York’s 9/11 attacks.

Even in death, your last gift was one of life. Precious organs.
Thanks to your donation, a Boston girl who was dying is
alive today. Another child can see clearly once more.

You might like to know that today, your birthday, has been
a remarkable 9/11. One a lot like you. Open.
With smiles. And a love of life that rekindles our spirit.

In New York, in vast pools of tears and emotion,
survivors trace letters with fingers and chalk, wedging
flowers and flags into names cut in stone.

Christina, you are in the moment…

Felt in hearts young and old. Reflected in faces around
the world. Echoed in voices…and bells…and song.

We treasure what we’ve got…take nothing for granted…
and honor the elders who got us here, who scrimped
and saved and sacrificed and built.

We are the nobodies who nobody sent. Too dumb to quit
when all hell breaks loose.Ready to team and ready to roll.
Ready to take care of business when duty calls.

Ready to clean up our own back yard and our own mess.

We can and must do better: contribute ideas, care more
than we do, speak truth to power and the let chips fall where
they may. We must be the best ancestors we can be…

…by living up to your standards, Christina.

Happy Birthday.

P.S. The Museum opens in New York in a year on 9/11.
We pledge to do you proud.

–– Anonymous, 9.11.11

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